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Hello folks. I recently searched the internet for some high resolution 3Dfx company logos for my new modding project. Unfortunately I only found the newer logo, but what I really need is the original old logo from ~1996:

Image Insert:

11.69 KB

Does anybody know where I can get this logo in a high resolution version, preferrably in a vector based image format such as *.eps?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: the NEWER 3dfx logo can be found as an *.eps File at:

simply right click on the 3dfx logo to save the eps file. You can open it with Adobe Photoshop and select your preferred resolution!
Hi Everybody!
I recently got one V5500 MAc Edition, flashed its BIOS to make it work with a normal PC and tried to get connect it to my TFT display via the DVI port.

Problem is, the image looks completely distorted, all colors are wrong, simply horrible. The VGA output works fine...

I have a Dell 2405FPW 24" Widescreen display.

Did anybody experience similar problems with the V5500s DVI port and a modern TFT display?

I am using the V5500 in an Asus A7N8X-e Deluxe Mainboard together with one  Radeon 9800XT in the AGP slot, which is also the primary display adapter. Tried to boot up the PC with the V5500 only, but didn't work, only had a black screen on both the V5500s VGA / DVI. I tried different PCI slots, didn't make any difference.

Together with my Radeon9800XT I started WinXP and installed Amigamerlin 3.1 R11 drivers. When I check the cards properties, it says under BIOS information: "Secondary Device - No ROM allowed"

So maybe the problem with the DVI comes from the cards disabled BIOS ROM? I have to test it in another Motherboard, soon.

So far, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.