Voodoo2 with 110mhz

Started by perer, 15 March 2004, 15:23:03

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i own a Gainward Voodoo 2 which reaches amazingly 117Mhz, but it only has 100Mhz RAM. So i think the RAM doesnt always have to be fast... i think the Voodoo 2 TMU or FBI is limiting in most cases...


@ TM30:
I can let my Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D2 cards with 25ns ram on it run at 117mhz too. But that is exactly the limit of 25ns edo dram, the only way to get it any higher is overvolting. I think that Bruce and Chuck aren't limiting yet.
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add this one to the 110mhz list

HIS - Arcade 3D II
(built by GainWard, 12MB, retail)


check this website for 110mhz innovison Mighty 3D II V3


Viewtop Vulcan 2
'nuff said

PS afaik 110 modules are not so uncommon on V2, so if u try hard enough u can get one (or 2 of course) soon.
100's... = very common

110's brands I own:
Guillemot (unknown manufacturer resold as Maxigamer 3D 2)