Is v2 sli more powerful than v5 5500

Started by zourui, 05 January 2006, 19:38:03

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whatever From the graphics or Performance, which is more powerful?
I see lots of articles are about v2 sli can play this or that new game 0r something else? Less about v5 5500? (oh,yeah! i mean in china's website and this website)
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The V5 5500 is faster in everything. End of story
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A Voodoo2 SLI setup was just as fast as a Voodoo3 but no where near as fast as a Voodoo4 let alone a Voodoo5. Remember, the VSA100 chip was scalable so the more CPU you gave it the faster you went. The Voodoo2 couldn't do that.

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QuoteOriginally posted by perer

The V5 5500 is faster in everything. End of story
well I'm sure a 6000 is faster hehe, but yeah a 4500 and 5500 will crush the Voodoo2 SLi with ease hehe and yeaps the better the CPU the better the performance but after the AthlonXP 2100+ mark the scalabillity doesn't speed up that much an AthlonXP-Mobile Barton 3000+ would be the best CPU for overclocking just to get that little extra of CPU Juice :)
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