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That can't be a V2 SLI can hardly run  GTA3 in opengl mode.
@Doom nice work,
About those .jpg textures. Didn't the .tga textures work as well as the .jpg ones? You where right with the lighting being incorrect, maybe something can be done by software emulation? I don;t know what exactly has been changed in the Quake3 engine in the lighting department, but I do now that exactly the lighting in the CoD engine is changed I will search if it is something that the V2 can't support.
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
07 January 2005, 13:10:20
I'll add you into my MSN and then I help you trying to get it run with the V3.
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
07 January 2005, 09:37:29
Well I don't now about the banshee, I am running with a V2 SLI and it barely runs, I don't think a Banshee can run it at a decent speed. The V3 would be able to run it anytime.
General Discussions / 3dfx + swShader
07 January 2005, 09:34:45
Well Opengl was supported by Daniel Borca but he has quit the project unfortunately. His MesaFX has come quite far, but he didn't support all of the features of opengl because that would only cause the games to run slower, at least that is what he sad and I think it is correct. The most  features that where missing must be done in software and those features where slow to be done in software. Well anyway you proved that you can render pixel shaders in software with a decent speed (at least that is what I am assuming). What are the framerate you are getting with for example Far Cry (or any other game that uses pixel shaders).
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
06 January 2005, 18:12:18
I don't think the V3 will have enough power to play San Andreas. I think a Voodoo5 will nearly be able to do the trick. I suppose that this time Rockstar won't make a cheap port from the PS2.
General Discussions / 3dfx + swShader
06 January 2005, 17:49:18
I think it means that you can then compare it with commercial products.
General Discussions / 3dfx + swShader
06 January 2005, 13:20:57
Are you thinking of using the same technique Gigapixel/PowerVR used for overdraw??? Because if you use these overdraw tecniques you'd could be looking at a increase of 2-3x, dependant of the situation the game is in.
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
05 January 2005, 19:15:27
And under directx it would never run very stable. A voodoo2 is a directx 5.0 card !!!!
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
05 January 2005, 12:20:15
I used a cracked version of the game, cause the music cd gets kinda hot. Anyway the version of the game was 1.0. Ofcourse you can play the game with the V3 no problem, or there must be a strange thing wrong somewhere. Just use mesaFX and make a shortcut of GTA3.exe with the commandline ' -opengl.'  And then the game will run although I use some other tweak programs to make it run resionable on my V2. I think the V3 would be better at running the game because of the texture memory and the clockspeed. Can someone with a V3 3500 test it?
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
04 January 2005, 20:44:08
Well, I think there should be a faq about games, that need work around to be playable on 3dfx hardware. And I mean all voodoo's!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps something extra for I dunno it's just an idea. Ok I will post the specs later. I'm still not satisfied with the current state in which the game runs.
Well it is playable almost everywhere, although I rather overclock my V2 to 100mhz for this game. I use mesaFX release 0.51h.
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
04 January 2005, 13:42:26
I have tried GTA3 with the Voodoo2 its kinda slow now because of the large textures, if I am able to decrease the size I will post some pics with framerate. It works with XP(w2K) and win98se.
Here it is:

With these settings it is playable
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
04 January 2005, 11:26:27
Wow I never knew that VC had a opengl engine, I will try right away.
Can somebody tell me how to run freedom fighters with a V2? If it works with V2 I will post some pics. If Gta:VC has opengl GTA3 has opengl too (same engine). Letts hope it works.
Is the last image a example of how it looks with normal textures???
Or are these still the normal DXtc ones, look at the arm that seems to look normal? And I thought that some of the textures in CoD are not Dxtc, which is probably why tha arm looks correct.