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Well I put some heatsinks on the bruce and chuck chips and on the ram chips too. I had to modify the SLI cable a bit so that it would fit.
But my way takes in a lot of room IMHO.
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo 2 Benchmarking!
11 January 2006, 21:26:36
Probably....... in 98% of the cases it is.
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo 2 Benchmarking!
11 January 2006, 16:40:50
And it was stable I lett all tests run 12 times.
I may reach 7200 with a little tweaking here and there.
Whell I know that I scored ~1500+ 3dmarks and the cpu scored 1724 cpu marks. I have some time the upcming weekend to put the V2 SLI in my KT333 system. BTW how fast is your PCI clockspeed Skinnie?
Because I think that it could give you some improvements.
And offcourse if it is stable enough you can overclock your voodoo 2 SLI towards 105mhz or 110mhz without big problems.
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo 2 Benchmarking!
10 January 2006, 14:34:06
Nice scores :D. My highest V2 SLI score with 3dmark 99 MAX was 7000.
at the default 800x600 resolution. I suggest we use 1024x768 as the default score OK???? This way it is less cpu depandant.
I will rebuild my old system in the weekend. So I will have a decent V2 SLI system. I am using an Pentium MMX 250mhz (100mhz fsb) atm, so it's bottlenecked  by the slow CPU.
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo 2 Benchmarking!
08 January 2006, 13:32:06
But still a Unreal Tournament benchmark would be nice too....
Well just do the lot, and the Voodoo2 cards (in SLI) run lots of stuff from the year 2000 almost everything from that time.
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 with 110mhz
07 January 2006, 17:12:10
@ TM30:
I can let my Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D2 cards with 25ns ram on it run at 117mhz too. But that is exactly the limit of 25ns edo dram, the only way to get it any higher is overvolting. I think that Bruce and Chuck aren't limiting yet.
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo 2 Benchmarking!
05 January 2006, 23:14:12
The problem is that the Voodoo2 has a stupid bug in 3dmark 99 max,
You'll have to run it 10-15 times to get high numbers because the first run with the FPS game is crap....
I suggest we'd use another benchmark, we could use Glide.
Quake2 or if it works better 3Dmark2000.
The V5 5500 is faster in everything. End of story
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo 2 Benchmarking!
05 January 2006, 18:21:24
Nice scores although 3dmark2001 isn't a good benchmark for a Voodoo2,
because with a Voodoo2 is more like a CPU benchmark, because it is very CPU dependant.
It would be better to have some 3Dmark99 MAX scores over here for some DirectX scores. And UT for Glide for instance, at falconfly there having a big 3Dmark 2001se competition, could be nice to start something with the Voodoo2.
Voodoo2 Setup and tweaking / Voodoo 2 Voltmod?
31 December 2005, 16:54:10
Damn that is too bad TM30 because I was planning to try that trick with that mosfet too [:(]. I now have a nearly blank V2 PCB (it was already broken when I got it) and figuring out each connection on that pcb, there must be a way so you can overvolt only the ram (the bottleneck when you overclock a voodoo2 with 100mhz memory).
General Discussions / Voodoo 2 with 3 Tmu's
10 July 2005, 22:25:21
What company???
The only company I could think of would be Q3D some kind of rare prototype that we have seen before on the internet.
I wonder when Doom finishes the first stable OGLX for CoD.
I am wondering  how he is putting OGLX together...
Voodoo2 Discussions / GTA:VC V2
26 May 2005, 21:25:46
It would have been useless anyway, the V2 SLI is too slow in D3D.
General Discussions / Voodoo1 w. 8MB
27 April 2005, 12:22:30
This is a 4mb card without a doubt, the seller is just counting the chips, he thinks 1 chips=1mb. Unfortunately he is wrong, but it is stil a nice card thought (ik zou hem kopen).
Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 with 110mhz
23 April 2005, 20:01:27
Even one card with 125mhz is rare, since you have 2 the are even more rare (because of SLI).