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Made my own topic, so I can spam a little more. This forum (besides late falconfly forums) had the most "dev" talk, so thats why the topic is here.

How this started, my card has hdmi, plugged it in, straight to 1920x1080! And it didnt work, image smudged. Ok tried vga, works there. Hm.... Maker of my card, Anthony, suggested, its just the wrong timing probably, so I found some online. And there we go. Sharp image that can cut you.

So.... Thats how timings work on the voodoo... Wonder if I can add other resolutions? Found some online, yes they do work!
Ok but what about my lovely 21:9, can a 20y+ old tech drive that? Prob not, but worth a shot.
So I looke at some vesa specs documentation and some strange tv-spec sheets and after quite a while of tinkering got all the resolutions I wanted(for now!) and they do work.
And you can get them here:

Desktop and d3d games worked!

But OpenGl games, and glide, but you know, atleast OpenGl games should, but didnt work. The image got letterboxed.

So I kinda suspected its a glide thing and since no one is working on adding features to the drivers anymore, guess I can give it a shot.

I will get into more details some next time, when my experiment - driver is complete, the plan is also to show how you can setup an environment and compile things and how (not saying its good) approach things when Im trying to figure out how stuff work.

Anyway Im not really a low-level developer I mostly work IN.. the in part is important, not ON, game engines, so there will be an ocassional opsie and dont think everything I write is correct, but hey enthusiasm is there and since software side of things are kinda dead right now, it will have to do.

This will be a bit random, some occasional "whats currently going on" and when I have the time Ill do a more coherent informative post.