bad tv quality with 3500 tv

Started by lini, 09 October 2003, 14:22:38

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I have a 3500 TV US version, flashed with a european BIOS. I use the Amigaspot 3.0 drivers and VisualReality 3.10.06
The quality of TV reception is bad. All programs look good in black and white, and if I finetune a bit then I have color but the picture quality is much worse. So I have a choice - watch in B&W with good quality or in color with bad quality.
Another problem i have is that VisualReality does not recognize the FM tuner. I am sure I have the US version(there are two antena connectors on the back of the card) but since i watch TV in PAL the card must have been flashed with a european BIOS. Is there any way to bring back the FM radio tuner?


The European Bios dont have the support for FM on Voodoo3 3500TV

When you open VisualReality, which standard-video is selected?

If you can, flash newly your Voodoo with the original US bios and try to use the patch NTSC TO PAL-M or N included in the AmigaSport toolkit.

Next open the VisualReality and choose your standard-video.

It's very hard to run a NTSC card in PAL/SECAM country :)


2.15.05 NTSC is the US bios, right?
The video standart in VR is PAL-B. Is there a patch from NTSC to PAL-B?



Yes, the bios is right.

The patch is included in AmigaSport drivers toolkit, is a "experimental" registry-patch.