Problem with voodoo 3 drivers D:

Started by ibm5155, 01 January 2014, 14:27:50

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Hi, I tried on other places asking for help but it looks like noone knew how to fix it without a format =/

So here's the short story.
I had a perfect driver, it worked fine, I had a really good framerate...
But it came one day, that I wanted to try the evil colin mcrae rally 2.0, and I saw it would require an older driver or an special omega driver (because the newest driver just freeze the game =/), so I decided to try the omega driver, but why...
The game worked, but it was too slow, I tried other games and the frames droped alot :O (like 25fps), 3Dmark scored 400 points less so I decided to uninstall the driver and install the older one, but it didn't fixed '-', I still get a low fps and not the older fps that were high...

So what should I do to go back to the original performance? D:

-windows 98se
-pentium mmx 233MHz w 1mb cache l2
-128mb sdram
-3DFX voodoo 3 3000
-80gb hd

The only thing I don't want is to format it again,it's really slow to resurrect the floppy drive to install windows D:


The 102_Omega_Special ? indeed it was known for running Colin McRae Rally 2 without locking up the computer.

I would unistall again driver and 3dfx tools.
Then i would use this utility driver cleaner and install again driver / 3dfx tools

ps : backup your registry before

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Yes it was that version...
So I uninstalled 3DFX drivers, used driver cleaner.
Restart, then I installed the voodoo 10700 driver and bam, still got 27.4fps on quake 2 (before all that I got 37-40fps) =/

EDIT: even doing that, on add new hardware wizard i found tons of 3dfx drivers :O the omega guys re there, and on that driver party, my windows thinks I have a voodoo 3500 ¬¬


I am new to this game and community, but I see many of you are tired, cause play for years. Beta! Why you play the beta so much to be "enough for now"? Cause its interesting I believe. Yes, may be if I was on your place i should need a rest. To play on those maps since year. And now - bleeding, new mod and the other stuff to be nonsence for me, because I am bored from the maps that played year over and over again.