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well, I got it too...........[}:)]
Not long ago, a friend asked me the folowing question;

"Why you try to play new games on the old graphic card ( voodoo )?
Dose it make graphic better ( than other graphic card today )? does game run better?  IF not, why bother to do so?"

I don't know how to answer those questions, thought I can understand on the "spiritual" level why voodoo people want to do this, but that can't make a non voodoo people to understand why insist to play new games on Voodoo since there are better way to play. Even some times I have doubt why I collecting voodoo. ( around 15 of them )

Can you help me clear my mind? so I can have a good answer back to my friend.
Thank you very much


I see you all using P MMX CPU for 3dfx, is it has some special effect that work better with 3dfx? Why not PII or PIII CPU since those are cheap now?
please forgive me if this is a dumb question.
Thank you!

??? It look like my last post didn't get on............
Thanks to Nightbird and omega, I already got voodoo rush (intense 3d) and v3500 in hand.
Guess I have to stop here sice I useout my budget... :(
Thanks again

Thank you for the suggestion, I got A Diamond Monster Fusion ( Banshee)AGP in hand now, start looking for VoodooRush....
Just curious, Is Voodoorush considered as a Generation? or just a transitional product?


Dear 3dfxer,
I have been collecting 3dfx card after I join this forum not long ago.
Sincerely hope you can give me some advices.

Here are what I have;

1 v5500 agp
1 v5500 pci
1 v4500 agp
2 v4500 pci
1 v3000 agp
4 v2    pci  (3 Diamond monster 3d2 12mb 1 STB 12mb < BlackMagic?> )
1 v1    pci  (Orchid Righteous 3d 4mb)

As you can see, I am not trying to get rare item since I don't have money for those, just like to have some touch from each Voodoo generation.

So, what should I look after next? V3500?
If it not bother too much, can you tell me why should I go for your suggestion?

Thank you very much!!!!

General Discussions / Hi Everybody !!!!
28 February 2006, 21:42:18
Thank you for the detail tech advice!

Sorry that I did not post new topic to ask question, I were too exciting when I saw Voodoo5 built lots of " Old System " and can't wait to ask....
General Discussions / Hi Everybody !!!!
28 February 2006, 16:34:30
Hi Dear All,
I 've been thinking about build a 3dfx system for old time game, but I can't make up my mind what CPU speed should I go with.
I have lots DOS games and I am afraid those game will run like crazy if I use "too advanced" CPU.
Can someone give me advices?

Thank you very much!!
Dear All,
I just find out there are  shareware can do the job instead of set it up ourself...


Dear All,
I know it's an old topic but it's new to me..hope you can help...

Any procedure before intall dos game that I should do ?

In what way I should install the dos game ?
   Dos mode under xp? or use boot disk to get in to dos? or else?

how to start dos game under xp?
   is it just find out the "play".exe file and clik it? or some thing else?
                    PS. " Play " means exe.file that starts game...
Thank you very Much!
This voodoo 5 6000 auction is closed at $711 USD....
I thought the Buy it now was $400.....funny

Thanks Omega,
I went to the link, did not find the related topic, but find two things;
A person code name " DennisF " seems has a v4500 64mb upgrade and test successfully....

also, a v4800 with dvi and tv out has 64mb, that's really a news to it real?

Both with photo ,but I don't know how to post photo in here, sorry....

I will try find the way next time.

thanks omega,
one more thing if you don't mind, is it the one that some say could be up grade to 64mb?
( Although I know it's diffcult for the novice like me. )

; )
oops , itlooks like I fail to upload the photo..sorry
please check following ebay link..
thank you again

Hi, I just acquire this 4500 agp from ebay, I don't know much about it,
is it a 4x agp? or just like 5500 just 2x?

Thank you