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AMD Video Cards / Manufacturer's or ATI's drivers?
26 September 2006, 19:21:40
Which is the better approach: using the drivers provided by the manufacturer (MSI, Gigabyte, etc) or those provided by ATI? The question does not relate laptop users.
General Discussions / useGTF
05 August 2006, 12:15:25
What value should I use for useGTF registry key? The latest SFFT driver .inf sets it to 0. Should I leave it at 0 or change it to 1? Is there any difference at all?
General Discussions / Way too bright!
27 July 2006, 23:12:44
Recenlty I have purchased a new CRT monitor and I noticed that Carmagedddon 2 looks extremely bright (the game uses Glide, 640x480 resolution only). This wasn't the case with my previous monitor, and I also didn't increase voodoo gamma settings (actually I lowered it even more). The problem doesn't happen in other games, right now I tested CS 1.6 and it looks great, no problem at all. Non-glide games and desktop look fine as well. Any ideas on why this is happening with Carma 2?

I am using Voodoo3 2000 PCI + SFFT on XP Pro SP2.
General Discussions / Driver uninstall
25 February 2006, 10:47:32

I have a couple of questions regarding complete V3 driver uninstall under win XP Pro SP2.

First of all the driver should be removed from the device manager ('uninstall driver'). Then before rebooting, 3dfxvs should be removed from the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\). After that is done, reboot.

Is this the correct uninstallation procedure or did I miss something?

One more question is regarding SSFT. Has anyone tried to run CS 1.6 with mesafx or wickedgl and SFFT A35?

General Discussions / SFFT Question
13 February 2006, 18:15:29
I decided I'd like to install SFFT now :)

The latest version is alpha 33, right? Please confirm.

I run Win XP Pro SP2 with Voodoo3 2000 PCI. Currently I have Amigasport 3.0 XP installed. Also I have this glide2x installed, as per ps47's recommendation ;)

I know SFFT needs to be installed via Device Manager (update driver and that's it). I thought SFFT was geared towards D3D, but I see it has glide and 3dfxOGL dll's present in the installation package. Won't SFFT overwrite any glide/opengl related files? I am happy with Amigasport regarding this part.

If there's a recommended driver installation of Amigasport 3.0 XP + SFFT, please let me know. Maybe I should replace some files in SFFT package with better/more optimized ones from other packages, for example, Amigamerlin 3.0 XP itself, or any other?

To sum it up, I'd to find out the best all-round driver setup for my voodoo3 which would include the best parts from Amigasport 3.0 XP and SFFT.

General Discussions / Voodoo Frequency Selector
11 February 2006, 20:34:53

I'm having a problem with Voodoo Frequency Selector.

The adjusted refresh rates work fine, however, I can only increase refresh rate but not reduce it. Once I do this and restart my PC, the next time I run the tool, I cannot reduce refresh rate.

For example:

Say, currently I have 800x600@100Hz. Then, say, I increase the refresh rate to 120Hz and restart my PC. After this I will not be able to change it back to 100Hz again. The 100Hz option will be available within the program (dropdown menu), however, even if I select it and restart my PC, and then again run the tool, it will still display 120Hz.

So right now I have 640x480 set at 140Hz, but would like to reduce it to 120Hz, but it's impossible to do.

Could anyone please help me solve the problem? What do I do to reduce my refresh rates?

I have Voodoo3 2000 PCI + Amigasport 3.0 XP.

Thank you.

PS. Please do not suggest ReForce, it simply does't work on my system (XP Pro SP2). VFS does work.
Damn I can't believe ReForce just doesn't work for me.

I run Win XP Pro SP2 with Voodoo3 2000 PCI (Amigasport 3.0 XP). You all know that stupid 60Hz refresh idiotism XP is famous for. On my previous Win XP installation ReForce DID correct the problem - I was able to set all the refresh rates I wanted. However, I had to do quite some resolution/bit depth switching before it worked, but finally it did. However, on my current (clean) XP install, ReForce just doesn't work no matter what I do. I switched to different resolutions, 16bit and 32bit modes and applied ReForce settings for each of them, no way, it just does not work.

Btw, I am having this problem with a non-D3D/Glide/OpenGL game - Heroes 3. I have set 800x600 in ReForce to 100Hz, and in-game I get only 60Hz.

All the drivers, and even most software is the same as it was on my previous Windows install, so this cannot be a problem.

I know that ReForce changes some registry entries under monitor resolutions in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class. What else does it modify?

I really don't know what else I should try. If you have any suggestions, or maybe happened to have a similar problem and solved it, I would be more than happy to hear from you.
General Discussions / Settings question
26 December 2005, 22:29:55
In CS 1.6 it seems to me the textures seem a bit too blurred when viewing objects close to me. I think they looked a bit more detailed when I had Amigamerlin 2.9 installed on win 98se. Now I am usin WinXP SP2 and AMigasport 3.0 (I have Voodoo3 2000 PCI). Would be nice if someone could tell me which setting(s) I could change in 3dfx tools to make textures more vivid on objects nearby.
General Discussions / Video Display?
09 December 2005, 10:15:24
For some reason I have video playback settings disabled (greyed-out radio button in 3dfx tools color management). Desktop/Glide/OpenGL/D3D color settings are working fine. Btw, this is with Voodoo3 2000 and Amigasport 3.0 on win XP SP2. I remember the option was available when I had win 98SE + Amigamerlin 2.9. Is there any way to enable the option? Why is it disabled?
General Discussions / XP SP2 and refresh rates
03 December 2005, 23:41:04
I'm not sure if it's the right forum to ask this, but I'll give it a go. Currently I have 1024x768 resolution set at 85Hz. That's fine, it really is 85Hz everywhere 1024x768 resolution is used: desktop, games etc. Since my monitor supports pretty high refresh rates for lower resolutions, I tried to set 800x600 at 100Hz (by using display properties). So I did that, BUT when I checked in-game (Heroes 3) with 800x600 reolution, it was 85Hz although I set it to 100Hz before! That sucks. It seems like for me it is possible to use single refresh rate for all resolutions... I remember clearly, when I used Win 98SE, I set different refresh rates for each reolution via the same display properties, and it was all fine: 1024x768@85Hz, 800x600@100Hz, 640x480@120Hz etc. Does anyone of you have the same problem? Maybe you coud recommend a solution if there is one? If you CAN set different refresh rates for different resolutions and they do not get overwritten, please let me know as well. Btw, I am using Voodoo3 2000 PCI.
Games / Counter Strike + Voodoo3 + XP SP2
29 November 2005, 23:43:25
I am having a problem launching CS 1.6 on Win XP SP2 and Voodoo3 2000. I have Amigasport 3.0 XP installed + 'Real' glide2x.dll in windows/system32 (as suggested by ps47) and opengl32.dll copied from WickedGL dir. When I launch the game, the desktop goes 640x480, I notice the CS picture, and then basically I get black screen (some desktop fragments are visible though, I can also restart/standby my pc) and the game does not run. Any ideas what could be the problem?
General Discussions / WickedGL and CS
28 November 2005, 17:24:47
Where do I have to put WickedGL dll for CS 1.6? Do I put it into the root dir, or should I put it into root/gldrv? says it should be put into root dir, but, since mesafx is put into root/gldrv, I would like someone to confirm this.

Also should I use ogl_hres.dll or opengl32.dll? I always play using 1024x768 resolution, is that considered high-res?
General Discussions / Which Amigamerlin?
25 November 2005, 23:01:35
Which are the latest Amigamerlin drivers suitable for Voodoo3 2000 and Win XP? On Win 98 SE I was using Amigamerlin 2.9.
I'm having a resolution switch problem with my Voodoo3. This applies to games only, not desktop. For example, let's say I have 800x600 resolution in some game and it occupies the whole monitor screen area (width and height). When I switch to 640x480, it doesn't occupy the whole screen area (that is, there's some black area on the right side of the screen which for example cannot be reached with mouse pointer in-game. I think it is 800-640 = 160 pixels wide). Now if I adjust my monitor (via monitor's settings) so that 640x480 occupies the whole screen, and then switch back to 800x600, the 800x600 screen will not look the way it did before I switched to 640x480. It will look to wide. So basically, whenever I switch reolutions in games I need to adjust my monitor's settings (screen width and position) for the screen to occupy the whole screen area. There must be some setting in 3dfxtools of Amigamerlin's 2.9 drivers to correct this. I'm really not sure what to do.
Games / Rally Trophy
24 July 2005, 17:04:38
i'm having a problem with launching Rally Trophy v1.01. after launching i get black screen for a few seconds then crash to desktop. i have voodoo3 2000 PCI + amigamerlin 2.9 on win98 SE. i remember clearly the game did ran acceptably on latest official voodoo drivers (1.07). any ways to fix my problem? thanks in advance.