Two Untypical Voodoo2 Boards?

Started by Seba, 19 November 2004, 14:37:18

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today i got 2 voodoo2 cards.the one card is a voodoo2 mac and the other is a voodoo2 with two chips with the new logo of 3dfx,i never seen cards like them question is,if theese two cards are seldom?


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Hy Seba, welcome here.

The second card is interesting because it has two chips with 3dfx latest logo: so I think could be produced as one of Voodoo2 series last samples.


I got one of these. I bougth it recently. It's made by 3dfx. Mine has the 3dfx new logos on the 3 chips. Is there another version of this board?. How does it look?


the version with  3 new chips i also saw,but the man did not sell it to many did you pay for this card?


New-logo-card is PowerColor ver.2.1 Voodoo 2

Can you post a better picture of the first board?


QuoteNew-logo-card is PowerColor ver.2.1 Voodoo 2

Oops, I thought it was made by 3dfx, just because it has the 3Dfx Interactive Inc. caption between the two 3dfx upper chips. Mine, has the 3 chips with the new 3dfx logo.


"Made in Taiwan" V2 built by 3Dfx? ;) It's possible, that some boards built by PowerColor were sold as 3Dfx V2. But 3Dfx itself manufactured Voodoos (V3, V4, V5) only in Mexico (STB) and China.


Quote"Made in Taiwan"

I should see that. I don't know where it was manufactured.