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Started by Sanhime, 22 November 2010, 19:16:53

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Is it possible to use a Voodoo3/4/5 as a secondary board as you would for a Voodoo2?

I don't even remember what kind of hardware existed during 3dfx times.  So whats the most recent CPU/motherboard/ram I can use with Voodoo cards?  I current run a i7 920 with Win7 64bit and WinXP 32bit.  I have a spare PCI slot open, can I just stick a Voodoo card there?  I know WinXP driver exists for V3/4/5, but are the any Win7(64bit) drivers available?  Also are there Win7(64bit) drivers for V2?


you can use it as a secondary card,but you will have to swap the monitor cable every time you want to use the voodoo card,that means no pass-through functionality like the voodoo2.this can be partially avoided if your monitor has two connectors and a button that switches the vga inputs-you will be able to connect both of the cards to the monitor at the same time and switch between them by pressing the button.

current 3rdparty drivers support win7,but only the 32bit version.


Thank you for replying.  
So looks like Win7(64bit) is out of the question.
Yea, my monitor has several vga/dvi/hdmi inputs.  Are there any common issues I should be aware about if I try to install a V3/4/5(PCI) on WinXP(32bit)?  Would there be conflicts with my main video cards?  I currently have 2 Geforce 580 SLI.  What kind of adjustments would I have to make?


nothing special is required-you just put the card in a free pci slot,boot to windows,and load the latest driver via device not instal 3dfx tools,they do not work in a multi-card system,use vcontrol instead.

some systems have to set "boot from pci first" in the BIOS to avoid lockups.