Unreal screenshots with Voodoo2 under Windows XP

Started by Glide, 30 January 2003, 21:54:59

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- Video card: 3dfx Voodoo2 based card with 12mb EDO RAM

- Application: Unreal

- Game settings: 800x600x16x85Hz

- Operative System: MS Windows XP

- Voodoo2 driver: FastVoodoo2 2.0

Screenshots follow:

FastVoodoo2 driver is located on 3dfxzone.it in 3dfx | Voodoo2 | Drivers | Windows XP section

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Looks quite nice, but i have one question: Are the detail textures turned on? Doesn't look like they are...

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Hi Grand Admiral Thrawn,

yes...but screnshots are compressed reducing download time...;)


Those shots are unbelievable. I'm going to try the FastVoodoo2 driver.

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