please help me

Started by wirelessponge, 08 October 2007, 07:06:37

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hey guys im not sure if this is the right pace to be posting this, but im trying to use 3d-analyzer so i can run final fantasy 11, and im having some trouble. somoene please help me

when i log onto final fantasy from playonline. everything is fine right up until im almost there. then it says an error message. its unable to recognize tnl caps. pretty much my video card isnt supported.

well i got this. v2.36b.
for my game or application i put   C:\ProgramFiles\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\pol.exe

then i checked emulate HW TnL caps.
i click run. and nothing happens. the run goes grey for a mement this the program soesnt open up.
am i doing somthing wrong?
someone please help me.