voodoomovie and DVDs

Started by ralamapafa, 04 November 2004, 08:28:58

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Has anyone managed to get a DVD (or vob file) to render using voodoo movie? I've tried with the following codecs using 'media player classic' and a voodoo 2:

GPL MPEG2-decoder;
cyberlink (installed with powerdvd); and
xing vidsub

All to no avail. There MUST be a way!



it's possible for voodoo movie to play MPEG-2 encoded movies(e.g. DVD)
just download this (Stinky's MPEG2 Codec)
and use the old Windows Media Player 6.4 (pls refer to my old post concerning about the VDM)
the problem is you won't do it once u tried it, u can't sccess DVD Menu to select sound track and subtitle, you can only open single file from the DVD each time(with all sound channels mixed up together+NO subtitle), also it's somehow laggish
(but the image quality is superb using VDM, i can tell ya)

P.S. if u can find a workaround for the problem i raised, please let me know, thanks
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