please help w98se and voodo 5 5500

Started by delukard, 14 July 2009, 12:29:01

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Hi i'm new to the forums and i need some help.
it's been a while since i played a pc game and wanted to play some old games that don't run on xp or give problems
.-ultima ix
i have a modern pc that i dual boot with xp64 and windows7x64
But i have builded an old pc with the following specs
.-amd mobile cpu(it's soldered to the mobo)
.-it has a via chipset
.-my voodo is a agp 5500 64mb
.-windows 98se

I still have the first voodo :) but it's been a while since i used a 3dfx card.
I have installed the amigamerlin 2.9 drivers and everything is working fine in 2d, but when i do a dxdiag and test the 3d accel the program exits(doesn't give an error) and if i try to start futuremark 99 it starts gives a black scrren and ctd(windows is ok)
What driver should i use?
.-also can anyone point me in the ok direction to a usb drver for w98 so it detects my usb flash drive and a stable iso mounter for w98se
TY VM for the help!



For a generic Win98 USB driver look here :

Worked fine with my USB sticks.