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Started by dborca, 11 November 2004, 10:20:52

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i was browsing some opengl sites in order to search opengl tuts for a friend, and something smashed me like a hammer.

once upon a time, there was a guy named Chad Saxon aka usmsci

he sent me two of "his" demos: minidemo and metaballs. too bad, since i found them here:
minidemo: //
metaballs: //

attached is the archive containing the lame-ass-modified files, from usmsci, NOT the original ones.

MD5 checksum is: 441376c178cc4ef3694373fff4efe369 *
Daniel Borca


Hmzz.. strange guy, what is the use in this. Pretending you have made a certain program. Isn't this exactly what the x3dfx people are being accused of?
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Well this is very interesting


you should read his topic. he literally said:
coding is my forte, i have been involved in openGL programming either from college, hobbying(almost done with a game) and work experience.
Daniel Borca