Best N64 Emulator for Win98 Voodoo2

Started by toddfx, 22 March 2012, 16:50:48

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Hey guys, thanks for this community and the ongoing 3DFX support! Never forget!  I remember the day I got my Voodoo3 as a Christmas gift ever.

Today however I am building a vintage gaming rig with two Voodoo2s.  I'm running Windows 98SE on a Celeraon 433mhz with 512MB RAM on a Gateway motherboard with Intel 82810-DC100 integrated graphics controller (3 MB).  I know I am lacking in the 2D department, but I do plan to get a Matrox very shortly. And maybe bump it up to a 600MHZ CPU but we'll see.

Anyway, even with the integrated graphics I have already had some good performance in various late 90s and early '00/'01 games.   However one of my primary goals is to get a good N64 emulator setup.  I've been browsing and trying various emus.  I'm running FastVoodoo2 4.6 drivers, MesaFX, and Glide64 "Final"

So far, UltaHLE is the fastest with about 20 - 30 FPS. However the game compatibility list is VERY slim and I am really hoping to find something more universal.  

Mupen64 has always been my favorite, but the frame-rate I am getting here is unusable: between 2 - 10 with Glide64 Final at 640x480. I checked the readme of course and made sure to optimize the emu's settings for performance.

Does anybody here have any experience with N64 emulators?  What have you found to be best performing? I know my setup can handle it considering the playable speeds I am getting on UltraHLE, so why not on Mupen?  I haven't tried other emus just yet. There are also some Direct3D plugins floating around so I am going to give those a shot too.

In addition, I do want to continue to upgrade my rig.  Am I correct that getting a Matrox G200 (PCI) is probably a much better bet than swapping the CPU out for a slightly quicker Socket 370?

Thanks guys! I'm having a blast with this stuff already!


there is no way you will be getting playable performance wit that cpu.


You can search for all kinds of emulators but for Win98 I don't know is that possible. But after these years you have a new PC and the bestN64 Emulator for me is Project64 and you can search more Emulators from here, for free and no viruses.