Started by threemoo, 28 June 2007, 21:39:56

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I'm trying to play a game which HAS to be run through the launcher (Halo 2 Vista, on Windows XP), I can get it to play properly but it is TOO slow.

I can't lower the shaders or use any features in 3DA because:

I CANT GET IT TO RUN IN 3DANALYZE, it requires the launcher, therefore, 3DA runs shader overrides on the launcher, but NOT THE GAME!

I simply can't launch the game with 3DANALYZE, please fix this thing!


- threemoo:

Welcome here. But please do not crossposting. In fact you posted a similar message to 3D-Analyze forum at this link:
So I lock this topic.

Thank you for contribution.

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