SuperFurryFurryThing I need you!

Started by ciacara, 25 July 2020, 16:59:50

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Hi SuperFurryFurryThing,
I have been trying to contact you for some time.
We would need your drivers' Source Codes for a new project.
Please, can you make them available?
I am sorry for my English ;) :D




If you email me, I answer you and I can explain everything to you.
Is that ok for you?
I am sorry for my English ;) :D


QuoteOriginally posted by SuperFurryFurryThing

What project.

However, the new project concerns:

V5 New Pci Project!

And its evolution:

Changeling Project!

Email me as soon as you can ...:)
I am sorry for my English ;) :D