i think 3dhq beta10 uses 4 tmu not 2tmu in directX

Started by ElvIsAlive007, 21 April 2003, 15:12:07

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i think 3dhq beta10 uses 4 tmu not 2 tmu in direct X

this would account for the speed inprovements and texture memory loss in direct x games

also 3dmark 2000 and max payne have wicked texture faults also

seems that more been changed in 3dhq drivers than people relize

i can now play games like starlancer in 1024x768 at 4x fssa and its smoother than 2x fssa it seems wow strange

also 32bit 800x600 2x modes seems faster than 16 bit modes

strange i recon this was testing with a screensaver called 100 happy money from//www.megagames.com




yes, it has some improvements, I have realised in the drivers for v3 that it supports dx textures compresion and 512x512 textures but has errors the textures compressed are white!!![}:)]

AMD 1800+ xp voodoo3 2000 16Mb 320Mb SDRAM Win 98SE


try mech warr 4 and see the difrence in 3dhq beta 10 before this i laughed at the grapics of this game and not with 3dhq10beta 10 direct x code im laughing on how good and smooth and fast it runs and looks