Voodoo 3 with voodoo 2

Started by Demetris, 22 December 2004, 18:48:09

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I have a voodoo 3 3500 with 64mb ram and 2 voodoo 2 but they are different made: 1st is creative made and the other is other company so i cannot use them as sli ->naturally i mean :)
So i would like to ask if i can use both voodoo3 with one of the other voodoo 2 cards to compine the power.
Is it viable?
Can i use the power of voodoo 2 with voodoo 3 and have the result out on the vga out of the voodoo 3 card?
Thank you in advance


the Voodoo3 and Voodoo2 use different drivers so if you try to install them in the same system you will have a driver conflict problem. The numbers for the Voodoo2 SLI and Voodoo3 3000 are almost the same.

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