Dual Piii, a work in progress

Started by ms-dos, 14 February 2017, 18:52:08

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I'm putting together a dual 1.4ghz sk370 setup and no dollar will be spared! It must be perfect!!!

This is a work in progress. I will update this thread when I get more parts! I have not chosen all the parts I'll be useing so no system specs yet.

Day 1 Test fit motherboard, nic cd drives and vga.

What I learned: I need a longer audio cable for the cd drive.
I will need a single slot cooler or single slot video card if I want to have a voodoo2 sli setup with a nic and scsi card. I'll probably ditch the nic or go single slot in the vga.

What I'm waiting on:
Hdds, CPUs, scsi card, ram, heatsinks, caps for mobo and dust filters.

ETA on next parts delivery.

The motherboard will be recapped. The caps on it are mostly ok. Some I don't trust, for about 15-20$ I might as well recap it.
I will use a scis raid setup in the system.
I will need to track down some high end video cards to test in the system.

Day 2 plans!

Fit 92mm cooling fan in hdd bay. [installed]
Install 5 hdds. (36gb quantum atlas) [4 of 5 installed]
Install ram into mobo. (2gb sdr cl2 pc133) [installed]
Plan wireing layout. [done]

What I done so far.
Test fitted mobo, vga and sound card.
Put new TIM on the x850xt cleaned it and checked its fan.

What I learned on day 2
I need more molex cables.
The scsi drives are loud, on drive was bad and missing caps.

Day 3 plans!
Install scsi card, cpu's and heatsink.

Day 4 plans!
Wire the computer.
Configure raid.
Install voodoo2s

Day 5 plans!
Install Windows and apps.

Day 6 plans!
Bench and have fun

Parts I know I'll be using.  
5 quantum atlas scis hdd.
AWE64 gold.
2gb ram.
6VXDC7 motherboard.
2 1.4ghz Piii-s CPUs.
550w seasonic psu.
Ata ls-120 drive.
Sata dvd drive via sata to ide thingy.
PD-rom drive.
ADAPTEC 2100 Raid card.

Parts I'll need to buy
2 12mb Voodoo'2
Longer CD audio cable [bought]
Zip ties and anchors.
Heat Shrink.
Stick on heatsink for mosfets and vga ram.
2 80mm fans

Parts I'm waiting on.
Heat sinks.
One more hdd.
Longer cd audio cable.
IDE to Sata adapter.
Molex cables.
Scsi card.
Scsi cable.

Here is the system as of now

More can been seen here.


looking forward to seeing it completed


I hate to admin it but the mother board died on me and I gave up on it. I have a new system in the works.