Voodoo 3 Bios problem PLEASE!

Started by Knuckles, 23 November 2003, 02:45:52

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ok, here's the problem, I just bought an used V3 3000 AGP with TV-out, but it seems like someone flashed the bios with a V3 3500 TV bios. So now, I CANT see the bios screen (the PC make some "beep" and continue to boot) but the, but when in windows (using the V5 PCI primary) it detect a V3 3500 AGP (which isn't one, I think) So, I need to flash the bios back to a V3 3000 tv-out. I have the Bios and the utility to do it but the problem is that how can I flash it if I can't see anything with the V3 and with the V5 and V3 in the same PC (to see something) to avoid flashing both video cards , or only flashing the V5, thing that I don't want to do!

I think the only V3 with a VGA and tv-out is the 3000 and the 3500 is the TV tunner card. (Am I wrong???)



erm.... after over 7 hours, it FINALLY decided to work :\ LOL! TV out is great! :D that's the proof that the card came out of a Compaq ([:P]) it realised that it wasn't in a Compaq anymore so it decided to work [:P] (I removed the "Compaq Part" stickes on it and left the 3dfx ones, hehe. sorry for the useless topic [:P]