Started by osckhar, 14 November 2003, 09:36:35

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Hi everybody!

I need help, somebody can explain me as shape the 3d-Analyze?
When Have I to utilize this software?
3d-Analyze = Simulator for software? (directx8,9 T&L)

Thank you very much!
Oscar ;)


Hi Oscar,

3D-Analize is mainly used to emulate hardware T&L for Voodoo and Kyro cards ("emulate HW TnL caps" option) in games that do not work when hardware T&L is not available (No One Lives Forever 2, Spiderman: the movie, and so on). The opposite option, "force SW TnL", may improve performance in systems with low-end GPUs (GeForce 256 SDR/DDR, Radeon 32 SDR/DDR) and high-end CPUs (Athlon XP, Pentium IV).

Other features may be useful, but I don't know whether they work fine or not: "emulate bump map caps" option should give EMBP or DOT3 bump mapping for Vooodoos in Evolva, Giants: Ctizen Kabuto, and so on); "emulate cube maps" option should give water reflections for Voodoos and Kyros in Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal II; "emulate pixel shader caps" option... IMHO that would be magic.
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Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for you explanation! Then, the 3d-analize is used to emulate. Have you used the 3d-analize? Do you not know the best settings?

I have been, very busy. I have had to do test with the v6k ... I had a lot problems! jejejejeje. But finally all is solved! ;);)

Hasta luego, y disculpa el retraso! ;)
See you soon and sorry by delay!;)