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Voodoo4/5 Discussions / L-shaped Voodoo 4 cards...
20 September 2008, 06:12:09
I managed to recover 2 of those cards from PCs we disassembled at work and brought 'em home. I tried searching over the net for those cards and they seem kinda rare....

when looking for the PCB number, I found like 3 pages on google, and when looking for L-shapped voodoo 4s ,I only found a few pics and info..

How rare are those cards actually?

Here's a pic of the one I hold atm...

PCB Number: 210-0435-001 (printed) , Apistek fan (not aavid?), PCB in back is 210-0908-01 (in the board)

I'd like some more infos on those, I read that "sometimes" they work on AGP 4x slots, some say it doesn't... just want to be sure.. I might actually sell 'em if it's worth it.
I know this isn't quite "living" around here but I have a problem I always had with my TV card.

This isn't a system specific problem, it's more like a HW/SW configuration problem.


The main problem is, when I plugin in ANY (tried both) audio connectors form the card to my audio card, I will ALWAYS hear the static noise (when on a channel) coming out of the speakers. I currently DONT have a cable pluged in 'cause I only want to use the composite/S-video in/out connectors.

Here's some in-depth details:

Current Configuration:
-Shuttle AK11 Motherboard
-AMD Athlon 900MHz
-512MB PC100 SDRAM
-Default DirectX installed
-Original CD drivers (latest official are screwed for me)
-Latest VisualReality installed (I tried them all)
-CD-ROM audio cable connected from the right (Audio out) connector from the video card to the CD-IN connector on the audio card, no other connectors anywhere else.
-VR audio setted up correctly to use the CD-rom audio control.

What's happening:
-As soon as audio drivers are loaded, I hear the TV-Tunner static noise (no signal) in the PC speakers.
-If I change to the FM tuner, it will change it's source to there. Once I close it, it will stay like that (sound won't turn off)
-If I change back to the TV tunner, it will get back to the TV noise and will stay even if I close the program.
-Using the composite OR the s-video In from the POD w/audio, I will hear BOTH the TV-Tunner TV static noise and the Composite-in sound.
-Using the Composite Audio Out from the POD to the Line-in in the back of the audio card will work perfectly for the Composite-In from the pod but I won't be able to hear the TV-tunner sound.

Using ANY system (already multiple tried)

-The video quality of both Composite, Cable and s-video in are really crappy. There's always some weird interferences on the screen that makes it blurry and in constant jumping and interference movements even on still screen.

-When using the cable from the TV, it seems like both the audio and the video are mixed on both end. I hear the TV channel + static interference noises in the speakers and I I get a more blurry and unstable video.

Signal Style: NTSC-M , Canada
TV cable provider: Videotron Ltee. , Quebec

Any help on getting a cleaner video quality and mute that TV tunner sound that is always on will be greatly appreciated.

You might still be looking for them, well since none were existing for XP using the GAMEPORT version of the hammerhead, a while back I asked one of my friend to make me some drivers. He succefully created the driver and it's really working well.

I'm only posting this now because he decided to make it available for public. It doesn't support any rumble and the profile button is mapped as a normal button.


Note: his english still needs some work ;)


edit : GAMEPORT version of the hammerhead -> bold
I recently upgraded from an A7N8X-E / Athlon XP 3000+ to a A8N5X / A64 3200+ . I was wondering, when I was using my V4 4500 or my V5 5500 PCI under windows XP, it was always freezing. But now that I changed mobo/CPU, will it freeze all the time again or I can use it like on any other PCs?

been a while I used this V5 and I need to get it back up kicking :)
Ok, I installed my voodootv 200 NTSC

I installed the drivers and Visual Reality.

1: When I go on the TV tunner, there is no channel, no sound AND THE VIDEO IS IN PAL! And I can't change it! in the options, ONLY PAL REGIONS are in.

2: When I get in the FM tunner, I get the WInXP blue screen, IRQ problem with VTV drivers.

help [:(!]

EDIT: I know what is the problem, the 2k/XP drivers are done to use with voodoo tv 100 (NTSC) OR Voodoo TV / FM(PAL).

What happens is when I install, it tells that it's a Voodoo TV/FM, so PAL, so visual Reality detect a PAL card (via driver name) so use the pal card setups. I tried to use the Voodoo 100 one but not working (XP blue screen) and I tried to rename the TV/FM drivers to the 200 one but XP blue screen on setup install. Also since the 100 the TV/FM uses separated connectors for TV and FM, when using FM (when trying to run the FM tunner) (not present on the 200 who is using the same connector for both), it tries to use the 2nd non-existing connector and I get the XP blue screen.....

help again!!!!
just found that on ebay!

a "Village Tronic PCI Video Card with TV Tuner and 3DFx" for MAC, never saw any [:0] rare????

My god! found THE QUANTUM3D VOODOO2 AGP!!!!

hurry US people!!! 1 day left!!!
in the 3d Analyzer settings, you can make it emulate Pixel Shader 2.0 (CAPS) but when I turn it on and I try it on Dolphin (GC emu) it crashes instantly when the D3D HAL is initialized..... help?
I found on ebay an auction (that I won some mins ago [:P]) that was a lot of untested video cards (dunno if they work or not), the guy says :

Qty 2 INTEL I740 8MB AGP

but by seeing the pic, I saw that some things were wrong:

Qty 3 3DFX VOODOO 3 16MB PCI <- false, 1 Voodoo 3 2000/3000 PCI 16MB, and 2 V4 4500 PCI
Qty 2 NVIDIA GeFORCE MX440 64MB AGP <-GeForce 4???

one of the V4 is fanless/heatsinkless so I'm not sure to test it without fan ( not to fry it, if it isn't already).

also, video cards are not a common thing to break like that.... he said "CUSTOMER RETURNS AND PRESUMED DEFFECTIVE" I hope some are working (MX440s and Voodoos)

only wanted to know your opinions :)

forgot the show the pic:
I have a Diamond Monster 3D II 12MB, with FastVoodoo XP 4.0 Gold Edition, I want to know , since D3D isn't working (and I don't need it) on XP, would it will be good to UNDERclock the D3D and OVERclock only in Glide? so the chips would get less hot(there's no HS or fans on the chips)?

or it doesn't care at all?

what is the BEST clock speed for glide for a Voodoo2 without heatsink on chips?
does anybody here live in Germany?? I want this video card so much!!!! but it only accept wire transfer and cash on pickup....

I wish someone could help me but I'm sure this person will keep the card for himself or since I posted here, someone else will get it :(

but I'm ready to pay for all shipping costs and pay via Paypal! please!
I received my great :D Voodoo 3 3500 TV. I installed it, installed the drivers/apps on the CD (on windows 98 SE). I tried the TV out (standard via s-video) working great. but here comes to try the TV tunner and the VIVO. I plugged in my Cable in the tunner and tried to run the 3dfx TV app.

damnit! it is saying to install WebTV for Windows, and for that , go in the add/remove prog, in the windows setup and select "WebTV for windows" but $#^$$^# IT ISN'T THERE! NOWHERE! I downloaded the normal webTV but is doesn't work at all. I NEED HELP!

I'm currently downloading win98se ENGLISH (mine's french but I dont like it) and I will look if it is in.


Voodoo2 Discussions / 2 voodoo 2 + GF4MX SLI?
19 December 2003, 03:22:55
I'm thinking about adding one or 2 V2 to my system but I have a question.

I know that, with 2 voodoo 2, you can get double performance in Glide, and with one Voodoo2 + another video card, it uses the D3D and OGL of the 1st one and the gilde of the voodoo 2. but my question is, can I put, in my PC, 2 voodoo 2, add the SLI cable between them, then, connect my GF4MX in the 1st voodoo 2 and plug my monitor in the plast V2 to get 2X voodoo2 glide (double performance) and use the D3D/OGL of my GF4MX?????

a littl bit hard to understand,

here's a little example (D3D & OLG of GF4, double Glide of both V2s and be able to use the tv-out):

and if this "way" isn't possible, should I use the internal SLI cable?

Download Attachment: Voodoo.JPG
12.17 KB
General Discussions / Hammerhead FX?
16 December 2003, 18:10:25
dunno if it as been asked already but here, Is there any available drivers for the Interact/3dfx HammerHead FX for 2K/XP using teh Gameport? I know there is some for the USB but I want those for the gameport? anyone please?
General Discussions / Voodoo 3 Bios problem PLEASE!
23 November 2003, 02:45:52
ok, here's the problem, I just bought an used V3 3000 AGP with TV-out, but it seems like someone flashed the bios with a V3 3500 TV bios. So now, I CANT see the bios screen (the PC make some "beep" and continue to boot) but the, but when in windows (using the V5 PCI primary) it detect a V3 3500 AGP (which isn't one, I think) So, I need to flash the bios back to a V3 3000 tv-out. I have the Bios and the utility to do it but the problem is that how can I flash it if I can't see anything with the V3 and with the V5 and V3 in the same PC (to see something) to avoid flashing both video cards , or only flashing the V5, thing that I don't want to do!

I think the only V3 with a VGA and tv-out is the 3000 and the 3500 is the TV tunner card. (Am I wrong???)