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General Discussions / Post your 3dfx systems !
13 March 2010, 21:34:45
Might not be a system , but here's my stack of 3dfx stuff I still have in here (and none can be used in my current PC, I don't even have PCI slots on this motherboard, all PCI-E 16x ;):

2x Voodoo 1---------------------------To the left, in the middle
4x Voodoo 2 12MB----------------------Top left (under the Diamond Box)
1x Voodoo Rush------------------------In the plastic casing on the top
1x Voodoo Banshee AGP-----------------At the bottom, to the right
1x Voodoo Banshee PCI-----------------Far bottom right
1x Voodoo 3 2000 PCI------------------At the bottom, to the left
2x Voodoo 3 2000 AGP------------------Far bottom left corner
4x Voodoo 3 3000 AGP------------------In the Middle
1x Voodoo 3 3500 TV AGP---------------To the left above the 3000s AGP
3x Voodoo 4 4500 AGP------------------The L shaped cards to the left in the middle
1x Voodoo 5 5500 PCI------------------Hard to miss, top left corner :)
1x 3dfx Hammerhead FX Controller------To the right above the 3000s AGP

and I'm awaiting an additionnal batch from someone at work that had piles of old PC stuff, I told him to keep everything written "3dfx" on and bring 'em to me. he got them, waiting now :)

P.S. I'm a PC tech working in a local shop, I often see 3dfx cards go by so I grab each one of them and bring them home :)
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / L-shaped Voodoo 4 cards...
20 September 2008, 06:12:09
I managed to recover 2 of those cards from PCs we disassembled at work and brought 'em home. I tried searching over the net for those cards and they seem kinda rare....

when looking for the PCB number, I found like 3 pages on google, and when looking for L-shapped voodoo 4s ,I only found a few pics and info..

How rare are those cards actually?

Here's a pic of the one I hold atm...

PCB Number: 210-0435-001 (printed) , Apistek fan (not aavid?), PCB in back is 210-0908-01 (in the board)

I'd like some more infos on those, I read that "sometimes" they work on AGP 4x slots, some say it doesn't... just want to be sure.. I might actually sell 'em if it's worth it.
Nice Work... but what about you actually carefully remove the AGP slot's notch instead of cutting the video card? There would still be nothing connecting those pins....
seems like those forums are dead.. can't get any reply :(
I know this isn't quite "living" around here but I have a problem I always had with my TV card.

This isn't a system specific problem, it's more like a HW/SW configuration problem.


The main problem is, when I plugin in ANY (tried both) audio connectors form the card to my audio card, I will ALWAYS hear the static noise (when on a channel) coming out of the speakers. I currently DONT have a cable pluged in 'cause I only want to use the composite/S-video in/out connectors.

Here's some in-depth details:

Current Configuration:
-Shuttle AK11 Motherboard
-AMD Athlon 900MHz
-512MB PC100 SDRAM
-Default DirectX installed
-Original CD drivers (latest official are screwed for me)
-Latest VisualReality installed (I tried them all)
-CD-ROM audio cable connected from the right (Audio out) connector from the video card to the CD-IN connector on the audio card, no other connectors anywhere else.
-VR audio setted up correctly to use the CD-rom audio control.

What's happening:
-As soon as audio drivers are loaded, I hear the TV-Tunner static noise (no signal) in the PC speakers.
-If I change to the FM tuner, it will change it's source to there. Once I close it, it will stay like that (sound won't turn off)
-If I change back to the TV tunner, it will get back to the TV noise and will stay even if I close the program.
-Using the composite OR the s-video In from the POD w/audio, I will hear BOTH the TV-Tunner TV static noise and the Composite-in sound.
-Using the Composite Audio Out from the POD to the Line-in in the back of the audio card will work perfectly for the Composite-In from the pod but I won't be able to hear the TV-tunner sound.

Using ANY system (already multiple tried)

-The video quality of both Composite, Cable and s-video in are really crappy. There's always some weird interferences on the screen that makes it blurry and in constant jumping and interference movements even on still screen.

-When using the cable from the TV, it seems like both the audio and the video are mixed on both end. I hear the TV channel + static interference noises in the speakers and I I get a more blurry and unstable video.

Signal Style: NTSC-M , Canada
TV cable provider: Videotron Ltee. , Quebec

Any help on getting a cleaner video quality and mute that TV tunner sound that is always on will be greatly appreciated.

You might still be looking for them, well since none were existing for XP using the GAMEPORT version of the hammerhead, a while back I asked one of my friend to make me some drivers. He succefully created the driver and it's really working well.

I'm only posting this now because he decided to make it available for public. It doesn't support any rumble and the profile button is mapped as a normal button.


Note: his english still needs some work ;)


edit : GAMEPORT version of the hammerhead -> bold
sorry for late reply & Thanks for the info.

I'm going to try once I get my SUN -> VGA converter so I plug my screen both inputs at the same time. (SUN/Sony monitor, dual input, one SUN and one VGA)
I recently upgraded from an A7N8X-E / Athlon XP 3000+ to a A8N5X / A64 3200+ . I was wondering, when I was using my V4 4500 or my V5 5500 PCI under windows XP, it was always freezing. But now that I changed mobo/CPU, will it freeze all the time again or I can use it like on any other PCs?

been a while I used this V5 and I need to get it back up kicking :)
WHY THE F*CK do you want to use a Voodoo 5 only for 2d????? the 3D is way better on as Voodoo5, this is the weirdest thing I ever heard ...
the voodoo 1 and 2 are ADD-ONS VIDEO CARDS! THEY ARE NOT NORMAL ONES! YOU CANT HAVE A DESKTOP OR ANYTHING 2D WITH THEM!They are made to be plugged with your standard video card. those cards are video controller that's why they appear in audio, VIDEO and game controllers, which meens that they are used only to render in Glide/OGL in XP and Glide/OGL/D3D on 9x.
So Diamond uses 8ns memory? cool, mine is a Monster Fusion PCI (Sdram)
I was searching for info on them, found nothing

what's on the chips:

General Discussions / Finally!! :)
05 April 2004, 22:05:40
I have no question, no comments, only to say that.... those beta testing weeks has been great [:P] (yep, I'm beta tester [:P])
Card is defective.... not working on both XP and 98SE, but s-video/composite are working.