What do you think about this? PROCEEDS TO CHARITY

Started by osckhar, 12 December 2003, 12:40:32

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I have been looking for across EBAY, and I have found this:
Tell me what to you think:


3DFX MOTHERBOARD was designed by STB Systems staff for 3dfx:

3DFX VOODOO5 6000 Included with this board is a signed certificate of authenticity from Gary Tarolli, Founder of 3dfx.

The 2 products are the same owner. ------> nvidiacares

Can this to be true?
Really the PROCEEDS will go to CHARITY NVIDIA?
Is possible a swindle?



Hmm, I thought the same thing - if it is a hoax, I imagine that Nvidia will contact eBay and this whole thing will end, if Nvidia ever finds out. also, the v5 6k that is shown requires a Voodoo Volts or a voltage mod, neither of which is mentioned. I am also puzzled by the motherboard, because typically (especially on P2 boards, and one that was merely an engineering sample at best) if an integrated video controller is present, especially one using the AGP bus, an AGP slot will not be present. However, I don't wish to alarm anyone, these are merely the suspicions of a man whose head is currently full of paint fumes...
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