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hi friend, see my voodoo 3 2000 pci of 16MB of SD-RAM. The monday I got bios of voodoo 3 3500 tv version, from rom´s site, voodoo3/bios/roms I take the VGA-BIOS Version 2.15.05-SD and flash with 3dfx utilitie. Reboot the system and see my new voodoo 3 3500 PCI [8D], the q3 arena increase very well the FPS, and got more MTextels/S. see this screenshot of 3dmark 2001SE and make you conclusion :D

tomorrow I make this same test with athlon X2 processor and pc-6400 mushkin rams. see ya!

Image Insert:

220.51 KB
hi friends, when run aplications, some games for example, quake2, quake3, when try 3dfx opengl (Glide), the game stop and i cant use this mode. Opengl ICD and WickedGL work fine and d3d as well. but WHY default Glide it´s not work??? [:(] here my system specs for you:

in windows 98se with amigamerlin 2.5 or mikipedo, opengl, d3d and GLIDE run, and not have problems.

pentium 3 933mhz,
512 ram pc-133,
40hd ata133
voodoo 3 2000 PCI 16mb(SD-RAM BIOS 1.00.01 SD Original)
Drivers SFFT Alpha 48
WINDOWS XP PRO SP2 32-bits (spanish version)

the screenshot of error.

Image Insert:

149.51 KB

other question.. mmm. this card v3 2k pci, have 1.00.01sd bios of 32KB from factory, the last week i try to remplace this bios for (2.15.06SD Bios release for Voodoo3 3000 video cards with SDRam onboard memory). This bios is from v3 3000 PCI card and mi card work fine "in games" with this bios, but in windows, when compress an archive or install aplications, the use of computer some times is slower, obvious I take careful with extra cooling "zalman cooling system modding, and sdram disipators in card".

some voodoo 3 3000 bios are work fine with voodoo 3 2000 PCI SDRAM? or remplace the actual bios with default factory 1.00.01sd??

who is the best overclock program. for voodoo 3 based board and windows xp??

very, very thanks for you help. bye. :)
I have a v3 2000 pci, 16mb sg-ram overcloacked at 181 Mhz, original 3dhq drivers, 96 ram system memory, k6-2 550 mhz, LG-DVD 16x and win98 se, I can see my DVD´s, but is very slow, somebody can help me, what is the problem, codecs??, drivers??, OS??, i am using powerdvd 3, 4 and 5, but the movies is very slow, please, one link or web for download the aplicatons for my voodoo. thanks ;)
I have Windows 98se and I want to know as to driver he is but fast for
my operating system, especialmete to play quake 2 and 3?? as of drivers that I need he is best and fast? thanks :)