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well, some most crashed or freeze in 3d aplication are for temperature or ram problems. check the memory rams with memtest86 or other program for most security. open your computer chasis, clean the dimm or ddr slots, clean the ram board, and shure the cleaner are free of electrostatic energy. use driver clean platinum in safe mode of windows 98 or xp, and reinstall the drivers.

for winxp amigasport 3
for win98se mikepedo 1.1 i think.
last version of mikepedo is fine for win98se
i have voodoo 3 2000 tunned to voodoo 3 3500, for me the best drivers are amigasport 3.0, the d3d aplication are more faster. wickedgl is good chose ever, for counter strike for example and quake2. for quake 3 the image quality ofwicked gl is ugly, but with the factory icd have good fps and more image quality.
I know, is´t dangerous but I buy this card for 10 dollars and is for testing. I like the opengl colours, 3dfx give me remembers of my first 3d accelerator card. v3 3000 on year 2000 :).

know i use nvidia for playing, but 3dfx not forgotten :P
hi friend, see my voodoo 3 2000 pci of 16MB of SD-RAM. The monday I got bios of voodoo 3 3500 tv version, from rom´s site, voodoo3/bios/roms I take the VGA-BIOS Version 2.15.05-SD and flash with 3dfx utilitie. Reboot the system and see my new voodoo 3 3500 PCI [8D], the q3 arena increase very well the FPS, and got more MTextels/S. see this screenshot of 3dmark 2001SE and make you conclusion :D

tomorrow I make this same test with athlon X2 processor and pc-6400 mushkin rams. see ya!

Image Insert:

220.51 KB
see my new voodoo 3 3500 PCI Edition [8D] LOL :P
:D :D :D :D

Image Insert:

230.72 KB
i don´t now the temperature with default cooler :S, but with my cooling system, the voodoo have 25º - 35º celsius, not more :)
:) i repair all my problems.

1.- i remove sfft 48 in windows safe mode, then the 3dfx files ini,inf,dlls delete with driver cleaner platinum.

2.- i remove "3dfxvs" folder in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\

3. reboot system and install amigamerlin 2.5se XP, and default glide RUNS! and D3D aplications run more fast, for quake2 i use 1.48 minigl now and quake III default ICD (more quality image and good frame rate about 120fps at 1024x768 quality high).

now i tell you one secret jajajaja, my board is Voodoo 3 2000 PCI 16MB SD-RAM (bios 1.00.01), the card at factory defaults, the core is clocked to 143mhz, with v.control the maximun overclock are 186mhz or something with artifacts.

the last week i try to remove the factoty bios for v3 3000 pci sd-ram edition (2.15.06SD) but some aplications or programs are crash or run slowy. then try with voodoo 3 3000 AGP bios (1.00.01SD) and all run very nice with 166mhz of core clock by default :), with voodoo control i can get 193mhz of clock and not see artifacts or textures wrong :D. jajajaja now, why the bios 3 3000AGP un very nice i say "but voodoo 3 3500 is AGP, can run with voodoo 3 2000pci same v3300 agp bios???" :O, seaching in google I find voodoo 3 3500 compaq edition, without TV decoder, but this card have flat panel out, the 3500sd compaq are same sdram of 5.5ns with my v3 2k pci. with long time search the bios not find :(. but in I get at bios fo test, the bios for this test is:

2.15.05 NTSC  
Bios release for Voodoo3 3500TV video cards with SDRam onboard memory.

flash the bios on my board, restart computer and!!! voodoo 3 2000 PCI flashed are Voodoo 3 3500 AGP hahahah :D, incredible, but is really.

Now the card are clocked to 183MHZ for the new bios.

I get 379,5 Mtextels/s of Fill Rate with 3D Mark 2000 benchmark at 183MHZ of core.

now the new max overclock on v.control is 205MHZ!, no artifacts, no textures wrong, no crash in games.
"only for test this clock" the card run at 183mhz now normal

if you need Screenshot, tell me ;)
hi friends, when run aplications, some games for example, quake2, quake3, when try 3dfx opengl (Glide), the game stop and i cant use this mode. Opengl ICD and WickedGL work fine and d3d as well. but WHY default Glide it´s not work??? [:(] here my system specs for you:

in windows 98se with amigamerlin 2.5 or mikipedo, opengl, d3d and GLIDE run, and not have problems.

pentium 3 933mhz,
512 ram pc-133,
40hd ata133
voodoo 3 2000 PCI 16mb(SD-RAM BIOS 1.00.01 SD Original)
Drivers SFFT Alpha 48
WINDOWS XP PRO SP2 32-bits (spanish version)

the screenshot of error.

Image Insert:

149.51 KB

other question.. mmm. this card v3 2k pci, have 1.00.01sd bios of 32KB from factory, the last week i try to remplace this bios for (2.15.06SD Bios release for Voodoo3 3000 video cards with SDRam onboard memory). This bios is from v3 3000 PCI card and mi card work fine "in games" with this bios, but in windows, when compress an archive or install aplications, the use of computer some times is slower, obvious I take careful with extra cooling "zalman cooling system modding, and sdram disipators in card".

some voodoo 3 3000 bios are work fine with voodoo 3 2000 PCI SDRAM? or remplace the actual bios with default factory 1.00.01sd??

who is the best overclock program. for voodoo 3 based board and windows xp??

very, very thanks for you help. bye. :)
i am use m598 v5 board, but in the forum sugest the version 6 bios use in the m598 v5, now my procesor run at 550mhz and 100mhz of fsb,  before runs at 510mhz and 95 mhz fsb, the voodoo card run more faster.. in the quake 2, before running into q2dm1 center map at 146fps, after the update the bios, the q2 into q2dm1 center map run at 186 fps. The Dvd playback is more soft, before the update, my pc give me only 15fps in the playback, now with the update show me more of 30fps :D, very very thanks!!! to all :)

p.d.: i am use the Power DVD 2.55, incredible image quality and performace ;)
IS MORE SLOW WITH VLC PLAYER :( what i do?? install win2000 pro??
I have a v3 2000 pci, 16mb sg-ram overcloacked at 181 Mhz, original 3dhq drivers, 96 ram system memory, k6-2 550 mhz, LG-DVD 16x and win98 se, I can see my DVD´s, but is very slow, somebody can help me, what is the problem, codecs??, drivers??, OS??, i am using powerdvd 3, 4 and 5, but the movies is very slow, please, one link or web for download the aplicatons for my voodoo. thanks ;)
[:p] very nice, quake 3 arena runs more great with original drivers and wickedgl, very thanks and i have any dude, i will post, thanks again :D
only I need the driver with more performace, more fps? i am confused,Amigamerlin 2.9 or Raziel Evolution(what version??) or original 3dfx 1.07.00, in any case, I request single aid like reference, since it will prove all drivers, thanks again ;)
thanks to all :D, but about of am 2.9 is a good choice for my voodoo 3 3000 pci?