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General Discussions / VoodooMAC BIOSes
23 July 2005, 11:39:04
I was looking for voodoo MAC bioses, does anyone know where to get 'em? Maybe can somebody dump them?
There's ony one MAC bios on Stanto's site for v5 5500, it's unknown version.
I'm looking for any 3dfx voodoo MAC bioses (v3,v4,v5).
recently i was checking how 3dfx bioses were made and i found interesting fact:
the latest bios versions are for Daytona cards and they seem to have 256mb support!
This is image from v4 4200 1.05 bios hex dump:

Of course this is only string reference so i can't be sure.
I've found only two bios with this feature (they are also the latest by date):
10/26 Voodoo4-2 4200 Supported BIOS - Version 1.05 (PCI)
11/20 Voodoo4-2 4000 BIOS - Version 1.05 (PCI)
In bios daytona cards are marked as Voodoo4-2, so it seems, there is not only 4200 and 4800, but also 4000 version.

Also i've found that some of bioses contain interesting parts of code (like intel boot manager's code in v5 bios with dvi support by triger recently), but they doesn't affect anything i guess, because the this spare code is located in the free space at end of bios file.
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Voodoo5 5500 lock-ups
20 June 2005, 21:04:54
There's something wrong with my voodoo5 5500 agp - it lock-ups when i try to run any 3d on it. I can run some or only one test (but WITHOUT any glitches) in 3dmark2000/2001 before it happens. Quake3 seems to be the fastest way to lock-up - i even can't past the menu.
Also i noticed that if i set single-chip mode in 3dfxtools then everything is ok.

The above has been tested on two completely different systems, I even replaced original cooling with two 5x5x2cm heatsinks + fans. Agp settings also seem to have no impact (AGP speed, driving, aperture size)

Any ideas?
General Discussions / 3dfx + swShader
16 October 2004, 15:21:44
today I was browsing net and searching for 3dfx sites I haven't seen yet and found some project ( about developing shaders in software. Yeah I know - shaders in software - it's realllllly sloooooow, BUT, look at cpus now - thier speed is increasing  more and more. Maybe it's worth to try out swShaders lib?

I was wondering maybe with very fast cpu some shaders could be done in software fast enough.. How do you think?
General Discussions / 3DMark05 & VooDoo
30 September 2004, 16:47:06
just for fun I tried to run 3DMark05 on 3dfx VooDoo4 4500 AGP - result is a error mesage:
IDirect3D9::CreateDevice failed: Not available (D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE)
General Discussions / 3dfx wallpapers
14 August 2004, 01:57:08
I always liked 3dfx art, those fancy voodoo boxes so now, when 3dfx is down, I thought that it would be cool to make some new 3dfx artworks as it's no hard to do. So, I've been working some time on creating new 3dfx wallpapers - currently I've released 7:

Edited: now they should work again ;)

I hope you like them ;)
Maybe some of you also have some cool 3dfx art to share?
PS: these ones also i posted in falconfly's forum
General Discussions / 3dfx driver sources
08 June 2004, 19:52:14
are there any real 3dfx driver sources available? at least something, what could give the first point from start with?

Mesa and other opengl libraries are quite fast and compatible, but the bad thing is that most of games nowdays are in direct3d, and d3d compability is very poor for 3dfx cards :(