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A coworker of mine had a 3500 with 3d glasses for the game unreal i do believe.  i think the glasses came with the game or the card or both.  worked but made me a bit car sick.
QuoteOriginally posted by Komponent

QuoteOriginally posted by skinnie

Komponent why don't u announce the progress on this forum?
We are kind of geting off-topic here, but let it be this time...
Well, 3dfxzone is biased towards 3DFX related software and gaming; it is the best forum when it comes to new drivers releases and 3dfx troubleshooting, but it does not care so much about hardware, technical issues and modding. If I were to release a new 3DFX driver, or patch, etc. this forum would be the right place for it, and the best one too!
I will put a small update very soon regarding some aspects of the progress in modding other VSA100 powered 3DFX card into my old topic here:
Anyway, SKINNIE, I need to talk to you, so please send me a e-mail at my adress:
Please excuse me for off-topic, I will do my best not to let it happen again...

And SO the right Forum for setup and tweaking Voodoo4/5 hardware IS??????? tweaking and setup does NOT imply only SOFTWARE.  Whoever you are "big poster" (17 posts) KOMPONENT, I don't think you quite understand how IMPORTANT this exact forum is to the 3DFX community.....  there is nothing else like it on the web IN ENGLISH or any other language as I know it.....  "OFF TOPIC" is when peeps talk about cards that are NOT 3DFX on this board.  we are ALL extremely interested in tweaking our HARDWARE as well as our DRIVERS on this forum.....  In fact, I think it is high time the moderators start a "voodoo hardware" forum topic area!  please continue with your HARDWARE questions ZOURUI..... now back to you.
General Discussions / ThunderGL
06 March 2007, 23:28:09
has anybody tried Neverwinter Nights yet with the ThunderGL??
put a fan over the video chipset.  or at LEAST glue a heatsink to it.  Are you sure that the fan you have on the 1.3Ghz processor is adequate? it looks OK from here, but not sure...
yes, the K6-THREE is an order of magnatude better than the K6-TWO.  If you overclocked the processor, you might get 2 or 3 more FPS.
General Discussions / Look For This BABY :-)
22 November 2006, 20:06:05
Yes, I also think the 5.5ns ram is your ace in the hole for your OC speed increase.  The VSA's are rated by 3dfx for 200Mhz, but the 6ns ram has a top speed rating of 166Mhz.  5.5ns ram has a top rating of 183Mhz.
ebay another one.  they go CHEAP now.
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / V55K AGP FSB? 89Mhz?
30 October 2006, 20:57:50
I don't see a problem with that.  at 2X the bus is barely creeping along anyways.  mine ran at 80Mhz long long ago with no problemo.  that was as fast as the motherboard would go at the time.
mine ran at 80Mhz just fine.  that was as fast as my mainboard would go at the time.
try it in another system before you do anything.  could be power problems from either the power supply OR the motherboards 3.3V regs.
can someone post a link to the original VMOD in Italian?  I can take a look at it and try to give an English spin on it.  Simplify it even.
go balls out on the DX.  it has more to it than just video stuff yaknow!
General Hardware / AWE32 or AWE Gold
22 August 2006, 15:38:29
hmmmmmm. I just did some research on my budies laptop video (for upgrade purposes) and I found out that the ATI mobility 7500 is only a DX 7 card??????  the mobility 9000 is only a DX 8.1???? capable card?  maybe it really IS the DX incompatability and not the lack of video RAM.
General Hardware / AWE32 or AWE Gold
21 August 2006, 15:16:16
No, the AWE64 is a gimped DOWN version of the AWE32...... ESPECIALLY for DOS and older games.  I had an AWE32 AND an AWE64, and the AWE32 blew the AWE64 out of the water sound quality wise.