V5-6000 information wanted

Started by gdonovan, 02 July 2005, 19:13:58

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I am working on a V6K FAQ page soon and I'm looking for all manner of information. Rumors, facts, revisions, board numbers made, technical info, etc, the whole 9 yards!

If you have any links to info nuggets from former 3dfx people talking about the cards, odd reviews on the web, private snippets here and there please let me know.

Subjects covered-

History & trivia
All Revisions
Voodoo Volts
Internal hookup guide & power supply suggestions
PCI rework technical data
Motherboard list
Driver and bios settings
Benchmarks with Barton 3000+ vs G-force 1/2/3 boards.




benchmarks will be on a new page in a week or two, this one is large enough as it is.