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Started by baskapteijn, 27 April 2005, 16:36:29

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Well, for as far as i know:

Voodoo 1 was sli capable with one tmu, they used the voodoo 1 tmu en frame buffer with one extra tmu on the voodoo 2 cards.

The Voodoo Graphics could SLI with up to three TMU's for each board.

Can anyone name the company that made Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo II boards with 3 TMU's?


agp 2x in most cases means 3.3 v. Agp 1-4x means 3.3/1.5 capable. agp 8x means 0.8 and 1.5 v capable. So no agp 1/2x capability.

All the Voodoo AGP cards are AGP 1/2x except for the V4-4500 which is an 4x part. The AGP 1/2/4 spec allows only one master device to be visible on the AGP bus which is why the V5-6000 has a HiNT chip.

In an ironic twist the AGP 8x spec removed that limit.


Voodoo 3 is a redesigned banshee core (non sli capable for as far as I know, nor was the banshee)

As noted already, the AAlchemy 4116 disproves that. The Voodoo 3 was fully SLI capable.