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To SuperBox:
Please translate into italian and post it to  http://www.forumzone.it/link.asp?TOPIC_ID=9153 . Maybe trey know what pin get 1.5V\3.3V ;)
Thanks all
PS VooDoo no limits ;) ...


But I think you could get better luck in asking directly to people like Hank (don't try with e-mails... he has never replied me that way), in the thread of V5 mod projects on this forum... ;)
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going to 8x will get no speed improvement on the V5 agp since it doesn't use the texture transfer function of the slot which is all that is sped up via the slot multiplier anyways.  buy a V5 5500 PCI board to run a voodoo card in a board that is not capable of 3.3V. the V4 WILL run in a 4x 1.5V slot though..... if you want to do the test yourself get ahold of a V4 and try it at different speeds....

cutting a pin off will do no good with the AGP card anyways, the pins are ALL the same for the 3.3V and the 1.5V on both versions of the AGP port.  the motherboard just doles out the correct voltage to the card when it checks the condition of pin 1 I believe (either a resistor to ground or a resistor to Vcc does the trick here).  but to get the board into a 4x/8x capable slot won't work without an adapter since the newer slots have an extra keying section that the board will require a cutout for and on the v5 there is multiple inner layers that acctually have traces running through that area and cutting the board will doom it.

Buy a PCI version........  acctually buy a P4 motherboard that has a 66Mhz PCI slot and you will speed up the board tranfers a lttle bit  the board IS capable of 66Mhz on the PCI bus (it's the SAME exact hardware as the agp version which runs at 66Mhz)....
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