MesaFX questions: fullscreen? menus? cursor?

Started by straight, 04 May 2004, 16:57:45

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I've been trying to use MesaFX to get Celestia ( amazing, freeware Solar System simulator) to run better on my Voodoo3.  

It works great in the sense that it lets me run Celestia full-screen, faster, and with better graphics.  But since Glide only works in full-screen mode, I can't use the menus (which doesn't surprise me) or even the cursor (which does).  Menus I don't need so bad since there's lots of keyboard shortcuts, but it would be nice if I could see the cursor and be able to click on stuff.

Also, when I'm running something like 1964 (the N64 emulator), I can ALT-ENTER between full-screen with graphics and a window with no graphics but the Windows interface.  When I try that with Celestia, I can get the window and menus and cursor, but when I try to ALT-ENTER back to full screen, I get no graphics at all.

Any ideas about what I could do about any of these issues?  Does MesaFX support switching back and forth between full-screen and a window?  (Not with graphics in the window, of course).

Is there any way of getting a program to use MesaFX for full-screen and switch to the default OpenGL driver for a window?
My box:  Celeron 500, 256mb RAM, Voodoo3 2000, Windows 98SE