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There's not much traffic here, is there?

Hey NT2000, the mousepad/notebook auction is here...

Actually, I'm about to run a second ebay ad for another identical mouse pad with a 3dfx notebook in the same auction. Otherwise, if someone takes longer to pay for this card and does not get it free, then I could sell it separate. Cool? I should be running the other ad within the next 24 hours.


Hey guys! I just put my VTV 200 proto on ebay and I'll ship it anywhere! Thanks and good luck!

Yeah, I was given a PCI and an AGP card by an engineer from 3dfx. I used them a little but was easily distracted by the 6000 cards he had given me as well (they were sold long ago with my collection). I let friends use the 5k cards and gave one to my brother in law for Christmas that he later put into my sister's computer. His mistake. They have since divorced and I am now selling the card for her. Innocent revenge is sweet, is it not?  :D

Thanks for the link to Falconfly. I didn't post there because a few are already discussing the card in the "screaming ebay deals" link. I do appreciate all of the help I can get though.

I now have my other 5000 card on ebay. It has the 4X AGP connector. Thanks again for your time and happy bidding!
General Discussions / WHQL Voodoo Drivers
20 July 2004, 04:51:48 can download the tests for free but I'm almost positive it costs big bucks to have the cert. bit put in the driver file because they have to do LOTS of testing.
General Discussions / WHQL Voodoo Drivers
20 July 2004, 04:28:44
Believe it or not, I did WHQL testing for STB and 3dfx after the buyout of STB. What you want is the HCT tests or sometimes called the Logo kit because after certification, you can display the Microsoft certified logo on your box legally. I though it was somewhere around $4000 bucks but then again it could be free for all I know. I cut the following from Microsoft's site...

"The HCT 11.0 kit, test procedures, and Readme files are available to download from the Windows Hardware Quality Labs system and device home pages at or you may order the CD at The HCT 11.0 is also part of the MSDN November 2002 shipment."

The problem with WHQL on a driver for a hardware product is that you have to GIVE Microsoft - if I'm not mistaken - 4 working examples of the hardware you wish to qualify the software for...and they keep them. At least we had to anyway. You can read all of it here...

Hey guys. I have a couple of 3dfx boards on ebay and wanted to let you know about them. They are at....


I'm "V MAN" on the x-3dfx message board. If you have any questions, you can email me at Thank you for your time!