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looks like they are trying to create new 3Dfx cards using old chips and new custom boards in Russia - this could be interesting. any Russian speaking forum members that could check the details?
thanks - while I didn't have much time to have fun with 3dfx stuff in the last few years, things are starting to improve slowly, and I don't plan to hang up the 3dfx cape any time soon.
haven't been there for a few months, and unfortunately missed all that going to close down mid 2017 thing, so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and thank you, so I'm doing it here, hoping someone will see it eventually.

in the end, everything is just ashes and dust, I suppose.
no, not possible. while the mercury system may look like a multi gpu configuration, in reality it's performance is identical to V2 sli, and the extra boards are used for FSAA (4x V2 sli = 4X FSAA).
ahh, it's always good to see such a machine.
Games / Thief / System Shock2 NewDark
28 September 2012, 23:24:42
why not - it works even on a TNT2.
I would use the q3d drivers under win98 and koolsmoky's under win2000.
Games / Thief / System Shock2 NewDark
27 September 2012, 21:57:58
yes, there are games like that, for example esoteria (will run only on voodoo1) and incubation (will run only on voodoo1/2/rush, unless a modded file is used, but that causes some issues on it's own). maybe more.
try running only with one card.
thanks guys ;)
Games / Best N64 Emulator for Win98 Voodoo2
30 March 2012, 21:34:50
there is no way you will be getting playable performance wit that cpu.
gta3 does not work with a voodoo2, so it is running on the integrated vga.
QuoteOriginally posted by Rainbow

my lastest version:
Special Voodoo 4/5 bioses:
3dfx flash 2.17 mod:
tdfx bios editor v1.62:
guys, did anyone grab those BIOSes? they are not available anymore..
it's not recommended-you will need a lot of luck and drivers with mismatched support.