cs 1.6 and voodoo4?

Started by yaku, 25 March 2005, 10:23:13

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i have installed after 1 year cs 1.6 but i got a surprise, it didnt work :(
when i launch cs or half life i got a black screen like the game is loading but after 1 2 seconds it come back at the desktop
i have voodoo 4 with amigamerlin 3.1 R6
sempron 2800
512 ram
with my old amd 1100 256 ram and same videocard cs/hl worked good so i think its a driver problem?
some1 know how 2 fix this prob?
p.s i dont remember wich driver i had on my old pc and i dont know if its that the problem, and if yes i dont know wich are the right drivers..
help :(