Gamma Correction + Amigamerlin

Started by Ree, 10 July 2005, 22:12:58

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i'm having problems with amigamerlin 2.9 drivers. the gamma correction doesn't work for d3d/glide/opengl. however, it does work for desktop display and video playback. this is very irritating - i have to adjust my monitor manually everytime. is there any solution to this? i am running wind 98se + voodoo3 2000. any help would be greatly appreciated.


some games does not accept the gamma setting from 3dfx tools.....

maybe the game itseft has a gamma correction.....


i had the same games 'accept', as you say, gamma correction while using other drivers before...


ok, maybe a reinstall would help.

and delete the 3DFXVS whole key from the registry (regedit), somewhere in hkey local machine :)
when u have uninstall it.


i very much doubt it, because i installed these drivers on fresh windows install, so no conflicts with any previous drivers. i wonder how could this bug slip unnoticed...


I had this problem when I used Voodoo 5 Game Launcher.reinstalling the driver has fixed it..