Wanted: Diamond Monster 3D II XP Driver

Started by Aledar, 12 October 2003, 00:22:53

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I'm looking for a Diamond Monster 3D II XP Driver ?  Anyone know where this can be found.  I've got an Old 300Mhz ADM machine and recently purchased the Diamond Monster 3D II adapter/accelerator with 12 MB (WOW) of memory.  Microsoft says it doesn't support.  Surely I'm not the only guy who likes to 'Tweak' old machines and see how fast they can go....


Hi, welcome :)

I suggest to buy and install Windows 98 SE for your AMD K6 II based systems: Windows XP requires a newer pc to run sufficiently well [^];)

- The latest (and suggested) Voodoo2 driver for Windows 9X/ME is FastVoodoo2 3.5 (D3D/OGL/GLide support).

- The latest (and suggested) Voodoo2 driver for Windows 2k/XP is FastVoodoo2 3.0 XP (OGL/GLide support).

Just download one of these from Voodoo2 drivers pages of 3dfxzone.

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Thanks for the driver location.  I'm an Old Computer Fixer Upper.. I've been running XP on my amd 300 for about a year and it far out performs the Win98se that I was running.  Blackviper.com instructed me how to tweak XP for the best performance and it is very stable compared to 98.  Our sys Admins at work are tweaking XP and getting more performance there too.  I don't run games and but I understand that WIN98 is a very good OS.  Thanks again.[8)]


QuoteI'm an Old Computer Fixer Upper
Nice :)

Do you have try to tweak Windows 98SE on this system? ;)

With a good bios setup and an optimal IRQ choice for PCI and ISA devices Win 98 (without some things like animations or windows in web mode) will run very very stable and speed, also...with a small size of sys memory.

PS: many features and benefits of XP OSes for this hardware one are already in NT 4.0 ;)

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