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Do you have searced a game update/patch for this expansion?

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Which driver and related settings have you used?

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You have got a fine performance in D3D with Forsaken. Good NH too.

Which device driver do you have installed for test?

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Install latest Amigamerlin driver for XP OS and let's know as run with this game.

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Hi all.

- pompidu

After Windows XP OS installing you can "naturally" see some frames fall: the new OS uses differently your hardware (cpu/mainboard/memory/AGP and PCI devices) and this generates some speed loss, expecially if you have a low clock processor, in pc gaming respect to Windows 9x.

So you could optimize you system for gaming.

See those AM setting (GLIde and OGL API's) and reply

-AGP command fifo 2x
-Highest quality video enabled
-Refresh optimization disabled
-Via chipset performance


-16 bit depth precision fast
-32 bit depth precision fast
-3d filter sharper
-Alpha blending sharper
-Anisotropic filter 4 tap
-Force 16 bit texture disabled
-Force 3d now! instructions enabled (if you have K6-II cpu or other AMD cpu newer)
-Force mmx instruction enabled (if you have Pentium MMX or above cpu)
-Force voodoo rush emulation disabled
-Glide 32bpp rendering software controlled
-Glide guardband clipping enabled
-Glide double buffer
-Hidden surface removal disabled
-Legacy texture compression enabled
-Level of detail bias 0
-Limit texture memory software controlled
-Maximum buffered frames 6 pending buffer
-Mip mapping dithering disabled
-Open gl guardband clipping enabled
-Open gl Z culling disabled
-Speed Setting fastest v-sync disabled

If speed boost will be little uses WickedGL driver, as Nightbird has suggested you ;), like interface between Voodoo3 and Halflife

If you have a VIA chipset based motherboard install reference (VIA) 4in1 drivers (

WickedGL is downlodable from Voodoo3 area.

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General Discussions / new x3dfxgamers site
09 July 2003, 09:26:04
Thank you for link: i'm sure that this site is useful for 3dfx users.

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Browsing the Web: no there a big collection probably and you can visit forums/sites 3dfx related.
If you want put in this topic some images.

PS: welcome in this board.

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Welcome to forum.

FastVoodoo2 3.0 driver supports any AMD or Intel based system so you can use it with PIII (fine). AntiAliasing filtering reduces jaggies with Direct3D games. Of course, AA implementation is no to Voodoo5 level...

Tnx for RB3D signaling. Put here a direct demo download link so all can try it.

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Voodoo2 Discussions / Voodoo2 an Pentium IV
25 May 2003, 16:01:13
- PanoramixDruida:

no problem with 3dfx Voodoo2 and 3dfx Voodoo2 SLI on Pentium 4 based systems with Intel or other manufactures chipset ;)...

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Video Game Screenshots / Example...
22 May 2003, 16:16:46

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Yes...on the whole. Final engine can be more compatible than demo engine (i.e. UnrealTournament 2003 and Voodoo3/4/5 cards). A good rule is asking here before buying a new game or visiting  this section on it forum

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Do you have made some performance test? Which is your impression?

Tnx for signaling, however...

Just this are here

(one click on image to enlarge)

Following a mainbord list with full Voodoo support.
I remember that a lot of latest chipsets like Intel series dont't compile with Banshee, Velocity, Voodoo3, Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 boards (AGP version) due AGP 2X specs for Voodoo.

So all Voodoo PCI version haven't problems with all new, latest chipsets as well as some Voodoo4 AGP 4X version.


Chipsets/mb compatibility with Voodoo cards

- Chipset Via Kt266/266A

Jetway V266B, Abit kr7a, Asus A7v266c, MSI k7t266 pro2, Epox 8kha+

- Chipset Via Kt333

Abit kx7, Asus A7v333, MSI kt3, Epox 8k3a+, Epox 8k5a, Soyo Dragon kt333, ECS kv7333

- Chipset AMD 760

Asus A7M266, Epox 8k7a

- Chipset SiS 735/745

ECS k7s5, ECS k7s6

- Alimagik1

Asus A7a266, Iwill333


If you made a test with good results with any other motherboard please post here.