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The Voodoo3 3500TV have a plug'n'display connector (the file in the fact is pnd.pdf) ;)

Bye bye
Hello, download this
Hi and wellcome in this comunity :), your card are fully supported by AmigaSport 3.0 XP drivers.

Try to install it

If you have a problem I'm here

Bye bye :)
QuoteOriginally posted by Scoop

Ok, well i downloaded amigamerlin 3.0 xp and it seems to run a lot better, although now spell particles/effects are drawn wrong and look like little blocks. Anyone?

I don't know this game, but your driver is uncorrect. You can use a AmigaSport 3.0 drivers for your Voodoo3 3500TV, not the Amigamerlin 3.0 drivers,ok? :)

Bye bye
Unfortunately I do not know Ghotic2.

I can say to you that you do not need of DirectX 9 on a Voodoo3 why they do not carry advantages and do not exist games that demand DirectX 9 and that they work on Voodoo3

The DirectX 9 games demand 64Mbytes of video memory and the Voodoo3 has only 16 Mbytes

DirectX 9 creates some problem with some games therefore is better if lathes to DirectX 8.1
VSA-100 is only the Voodoo4/5 family board.

For a Voodoo3 board you must use the AmigaSport 3.0 drivers kit.

The DirectX section of Amigamerlin 3.0 run only with the VSA-100 based board, like Voodoo4 4500, Voodoo5 5500 and Voodoo5 6000

I see that you have installed the DirectX 9.0b, remove it and re-install the DirectX 8.1, it is the right chose for your Voodoo3 3000

Bye bye
Download and install VisualReality 3.10.06 instead your current version of VisualReality installed

Only the Voodoo3 3500TV NTSC have the FM, the PAL version don't have it

Voodoo3 3500TV PAL Version

Voodoo3 3500TV NTSC Version

Hello lini, have you solved your problem with the bad quality?

For your problem with Visualreality, have you configured your audio with audio assistant on visualreality menu?

Please, post your problem in the correct section of forum, in Voodoo3 or at least in VoodooTV section

Thank you

Bye bye
General Discussions / bad tv quality with 3500 tv
10 October 2003, 11:58:33
Yes, the bios is right.

The patch is included in AmigaSport drivers toolkit, is a "experimental" registry-patch.
General Discussions / bad tv quality with 3500 tv
09 October 2003, 15:10:04
The European Bios dont have the support for FM on Voodoo3 3500TV

When you open VisualReality, which standard-video is selected?

If you can, flash newly your Voodoo with the original US bios and try to use the patch NTSC TO PAL-M or N included in the AmigaSport toolkit.

Next open the VisualReality and choose your standard-video.

It's very hard to run a NTSC card in PAL/SECAM country :)
It could be a 3dfx Banshee card PCI
Use the thread that you have already open, don't open others for the same demand.  

Use the button "Reply to topic" and not the "New Topic"

You have not loaded the image correctly
I have never tried with Windows Media Player 9, I have always used the 8 or other video player (PowerDVD, MiniDVD, WinDVD, ZoomPlayer...) always with the Divx codec

Have you tried therefore?
You can see the Divx single if the TV is the primary video, is a problem of all the Divx

But you could not to see this?

Insert the correct path AmigaSport 3.0\driver2K\TV. In this path your system can find the 3dfxv3tv.sys file and your installation can correct run.

Bye bye