Mismatched driver needed for 8MB and 12MB cards?

Started by Prodoc, 28 July 2004, 18:53:51

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I've got a Diamond Monster 3D II 8MB card and I'm able to buy a secondhand Diamond Monster 3D II 12MB card.
Do I need the mismatched drivers for this as well?

As the mismatched feedback thread states: "We remember that mismatched means that your Voodoo2 SLI does not use boards of same manufacturer: for example one arrives from Creative and one from Diamond."

I'm running WinXP and since those drivers aren't perfect yet I prefer to use the normal FastVoodoo2 4.0 XP drivers.

I just want to know before I buy the card. Maybe I'll deside to buy it anyway, if so you'll have another beta tester ;-)
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you shouldnt need the mismatched driver.the 12 meg card will act like 8 meg so you will have 16 meg voodoo2 SLI..


I would suggest buying 2 of the same card so that you won't have problems. I have a pair of Diamond Monster II 12Mb cards and they work better than the 8Mb SLI setup. See if you can get another 8 MB card to go along with the one you have or buy 2 12Mb cards and sell the 8Mb card. You shouldn't need mis-matched drivers since they are both DiamondMM Voodoo cards.

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