Gameplay with maxed-out graphics: Painkiller with Havok Physics engine

Started by Glide, 27 April 2024, 12:31:39

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Video Description:

You're welcome to watch our second gameplay footage taken by the first-person shooter video game Painkiller running in single-player mode. Well-known to no very young gamers for its graphics level, being remarkable for its era, Painkiller is first chapter of the Painkiller series.

Painkiller's PC edition has been developed by the software house People Can Fly and published by the publisher DreamCatcher Interactive in April 2004. Later, software ports of Painkiller to Xbox, Android, and iOS gaming platforms have been released as well.

On the technical side, we'd like share with you that this footage has been recorded with Painkiller running at 1080p (also known as Full HD) video resolution and with maxed-out graphics settings, including the anti-aliasing at 8x and the anisotropic filtering at 16x (both configured at graphics driver level).

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