3dfx mod case

Started by ketfri8002, 06 November 2015, 20:18:47

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Found this old empty server case in my garage (have a lot of old stuff in there i forget i had). So i thought i should do somthing awesome to it!

Before modding:

So i decided to paint it with creme radiator lack, add some extra air holes and ofcourse a 3dfx logo!
The setup are gonna be a "compact 1998 dream build".

The specs should look like this when im finish:

Gigabyte GA-6BA
4 x 128MB 100mhz SDRAM
Pentium II 450 + Thermaltake fan
ELSA Riva TNT (For 2D graphics)
Quantum3D 200SBi (For 3D graphics)
2 x 4,2Gb Quantum SE harddrives.

Voodoo1 x2
Voodoo2 x9
Voodoo3 x1
Voodoo 4500 x1
Quantum3D 8264 x1
Quantum3D aalchemy module x1
I wish/want 4 Obisidan 200SBI's


Hi ketfri8002,

good idea and nice 3dfx logo :).

If you would like, please post some photos of the assembled configuration.

Thank you.

Bye bye