Combining 2xVoodo 2 and Voodoo 5 ???

Started by Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman, 03 December 2004, 21:27:35

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Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman

I just wonder. I have two old Voodoo2 (Monster 3d), while my friend has a Voodoo 5 card. He plan to sell it to me. Now my questions is:

What is the result of having 2xVoodoo2 (SLI mode) AND Voodoo5 installed on the same computer?
- Would they "contradict" each other (conflicting resources, etc)?
- Or would the Voodoo 2 simply become useless in such configuration?
- Or is it possible to have different types of Voodoo work together? Probably with third party drivers?

Onkel Adrian

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Not problems yet :)
(I'm just testing, stay tuned)



voodoo2 SLI is useless with voodoo5..i've tried this one time just for fun..! [8D]
Powered by ALL Voodoo..


Useless indeed, unless maybe for very early DOS Glide games. Under Windows the V5 is faster and can do D3D, OGL and Glide just fine. Not to mention that it can go higher than 1024x768 in all modes. Oh, and did I mention screen refresh above 85 Hz maximum yet ?