Old benchmarks results

Started by perer, 03 May 2004, 21:10:18

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Today I ran some tests with my V2 SLI on my Athlon 2400+

With Quake2 I got 74fps (mesa (timedemo2)
With Glide Turok I got 200fps
With D3D Turok I got 151.1 fps

I don't think my Quake2 score is very high, I think it is to low.
I don't have any numbers to compare these with. Can someone run Quake2
for me because those old Benchmarks with a Pentium2 does not come close then with a Athlon.
Start War and peace will be appreciated


There's something I cannot understand. I thought the Voodoo2 could reach a maximum of 60 FPS. This is incredible! [:p]


The maximum framerate I ever got in Quake2 timedemo1 with Voodoo2 SLI was 78 FPS @ 1024x768. These cards are fill rate limited in Quake2 standard timedemos with any processor higher than Pentium II 400.
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