Strange Voodoo2 board

Started by no-X, 20 August 2004, 14:49:06

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Do you know this board? 12MB Voodoo2, but mem. modules are situated only at one side... The seller said, that this is original 3Dfx card, but I don't think so. (large picture) (large picture)

Any idea?

(sorry for my English)


it's Hercules Stingray Voodoo2 12Mb according to information in FalconFly's site:
identification list:

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I thought, that all Stingrays (V2) had heatsink and Hercules logo (this board has two different RAM modules - 90MHz and 100MHz)...


The card in the first picture isn't the same as the Hercules card on the FalconFly site. If you look at the large picture and make it full size you will clearly see it is marked 12MB VOODOO2 3Dfx Interactive Inc. and the 3Dfx Logo is next to that. Even though the ID.# says it's a Hercules card it doesn't look like one.

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