voodoo 2 multi-texturing

Started by LiquidSnake, 19 March 2004, 05:05:56

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I have a problem with serious sam when it first loads up and i press the consol button the console has this in it.

OpenGL Context Created: Metabyte/Wicked 3d, 3DFX Interactive Voodoo 2(TM) 1.1
GL_TEXTURE_ENV_COMBINE Extension Missing Multi-Texturing Cannot be Supported!"

I get the same error with mesa fx and minigl

and i have tried all the 3dfxzone drivers and the win2k voodoo 2 drivers.

any one know how i get get multi-texturing to work? I think i would get more fps if this was working



Yeah, apparently CroTeam thought multitexturing is severely related to combine extension. [V] You can't do zilch about it. Sorry. No pre-Napalm core can do combine extension. Faking it will pose serious compatibility problems.
Daniel Borca


oh well that sucks. thanks